Do you qualify for bad credit payday loans?

If your credit is horrible and you don’t think you can get a payday loan anywhere then think again because deathposture has bad credit payday loans just for you. Bad credit payday loans are fast cash advances. They are called bad credit payday loans because you can have terrible credit and still get approved for bad credit payday loans? How is this you are probably wondering? Well, the reason we can give out bad credit payday loans is that we don’t really know who has bad credit and who has good credit. Deathposture does not run credit checks on any of our payday loan customers. We believe that everybody deserves a second chance and we are prepared to lend out bad credit payday loans no matter what you credit score is.

When are bad credit payday loans due?

Bad credit payday loans are two week loans just like any other payday loan. You have two weeks to pay back the bad credit payday loans before another finance fee is assessed. You will set your own due date when you apply for your loan, so that it coincides with your pay day. If you cannot pay back your loan in two weeks you have the option to extend it by two weeks at a time, but remember that you must pay finance fees every two weeks. This means the longer you extend it the more you will pay in finance fee.